Geoworks: the inspiration

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2 Responses to Geoworks: the inspiration

  1. lahosken says:

    What the heck project was out in Tennessee?

  2. Nathan Fiedler says:

    Hi Larry,

    The project was the GeoBook (code named Yago) developed by Brother, a cheap psuedo-laptop / word-processor. They had bought the PC/GEOS source code and didn’t know what to do with 10 million lines of assembly code. So Geoworks lent them Jeremy Broestl, and they hired Steve Yegge, who had left Geoworks and ran as a contractor for a short time. I also got to go for two weeks and make myself useless. Steve knew GEOS inside and out, and I was an idiot just coming up to speed. Then eventually a few BreadBox folks joined on and I got to go home. I have no idea what happened to that project, but after a few months, Jeremy left Geoworks and moved out to Colorado. Not surprising, of course; how anyone expected one guy to work away from home for months on end I’ll never know. Just two weeks was enough to see how isolating an experience that can be.

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