Burstsort for Java

Moved to new blog: http://nlfiedler.github.io/2008/12/27/burstsort-for-java.html

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3 Responses to Burstsort for Java

  1. Kimo C says:

    Interesting, I have followed this sort and the CP version as well.

  2. Nathan Fiedler says:

    It looks like the updated burstsort (http://www.springerlink.com/content/35022477853m05v7/) will be easy to implement because it’s just a few modifications of the original algorithm. Eventually I’d like to compare all of the variations in Java and compare with the published results from Sinha. The trick is going to be getting more realistic data without spending bunches of money.

  3. Nathan Fiedler says:

    Just found their sample data on Sinha’s research page: http://ranjan.sinha.googlepages.com/home

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