Building netatalk on OpenSolaris 2009.06

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  2. James says:

    Note that BDB is now available from the contrib repository, which is a lot easier.

    Neatatalk 2.0.4 appears to have resolved some issues, I only needed:

    ./configure –without-pam

    I tried it with PAM (default) and configure completed with a bunch or warnings about PAM not being there.

    Would someone with more SMF experience than I care to look at converting the init.d script to the required XML and shell so that SMF will restart the deamons in case of problem?

  3. andres says:

    You might want to suggest people set up a stand-alone setup of BDB, so if the shared BDB on the system is updated, your Netatalk installation isn’t affected. Another thing that I have found useful is to put the BDB databases on a different volume than the Natatalk share, that way if your share runs out of space, your BDB doesn’t become corrupted. The Netatalk manual is a bit tedious to read, but it contains a ton of very useful info.

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  6. Building and authenticating with PAM isn’t a problem now, it seems. This worked fine for me:

    $ cd work/netatalk/
    $ wget
    $ tar xjf netatalk-2.0.5.tar.bz2
    $ cd netatalk-2.0.5
    $ ./configure –with-pam=/usr/lib/security
    $ make -j4
    $ pfexec make install

    I verified that PAM was being used via:

    Verified PAM used this way:

    add “auth.debug/var/adm/authlog” to /etc/syslog.conf

    # touch /etc/pam_debug
    # touch /var/adm/authlog
    # svcadm restart system-log

    Mount AFP volume

    Look at /var/adm/authlog

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  12. Rudy says:

    To make afp work with osx 10.7, you must support dhx2 as well for the password encryption in afpd.conf as well:

    – -transall -uamlist, -nosavepassword

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