Building a Network Attached Storage box

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  1. Haudy Kazemi says:

    Have you looked into AMD motherboards and chipsets for a low power ZFS server that also supports ECC? AFAIK, AMD supports ECC on all their CPUs.

    Several of the ASUS AMD boards list ECC support. One example from the ASUS M4A series is the M4A79T Deluxe. Its manual shows advanced ECC config options that are present in their BIOS like Chipkill, main memory background scrubbing, and cache background scrubbing.

    These boards also support the AMD ‘II’ series of processors like Athlon II and Phenom II which are K10 class chips. Solaris/OpenSolaris supports power management on K10 class AMD processors.

    Solaris/OpenSolaris couldn’t use power management on multicore K8 class AMD cpus because of a Time Stamp Counter (TSC) register problem between how it uses the TSC and how AMD implemented it in the multicore K8 cpus. There is a thread from January 2008 that talks more about this issue called “[osol-discuss] Will OpenSolaris work on a intel desktop Quad processor” as well as this thread on Ars Technica:

    • nlfiedler says:

      Haudy: excellent information, thanks. There was a recent discussion on zfs-discuss about AMD motherboards and ECC RAM (actually a rather long discussion) and there too the conclusion was all AMD boards support ECC. I will definitely take a look at AMD again in the coming months. Thanks.

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