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Strange street names

Near my parents house is a street named “2nd Place”. The only name worse than that would be “Last Place”, which is not a very likely street name, of course, but you could be led wonder when you see a … Continue reading

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Metamorphosis, from Java to Ruby

For 10 years I’ve been writing basically nothing but Java code, and for the most part Java tools. Looking at the hype around Ruby/Rails, Groovy, Python, and other dynamic scripting languages, I just turned up my nose and looked away. … Continue reading

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New Experiences

For the last 10 years, I’ve been programming in Java, and basically nothing else. Oh sure, I had written some Perl scripts and shell scripts, but just for very small tasks. My day-in-day-out work has been Java for a long … Continue reading

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Cure Worse Than Illness

I’ve had an ingrown toenail that has come up from time to time, and this time I finally decided to ask my doctor about it. After emailing my doctor, he prescribed treatment at the minor injury clinic. The medical assistant … Continue reading

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Conservative Can Be Good

I may have mentioned my dental experiences of the past few months. Well, to recap, I had gone from a place close to home to one a little further away, thinking that because of their experience, they would be able … Continue reading

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Curb Number Painting

Today I came home to find a flyer taped to the front window of the house, offering a curb number painting service (“Community Address Painting Service”). At first I though this was a second chance to get our number repainted … Continue reading

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