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Improvements to Burstsort for Java

Recently I had been side tracked by the need to do something about the network attached storage situation at home, so I had taken a break from my software projects. But a gentleman by the name of Kimo Crossman wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Burstsort for Java

Shortly before working at Quantcast, I became interested in a sorting algorithm that I had not heard of before, called Burstsort. I found it while browsing Wikipedia, reading about various methods of sorting. Burstsort, in case you haven’t heard of … Continue reading

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Analysis of Java implementations of Fibonacci Heap

Some years ago, around 1997 or so, I wrote a Java implementation of the Fibonacci Heap data structure, as described in Introduction to Algorithms, by Cormen, Leisersen, Rivest, and Stein. A data structure such as the Fibonacci Heap is useful … Continue reading

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Metamorphosis, from Java to Ruby

For 10 years I’ve been writing basically nothing but Java code, and for the most part Java tools. Looking at the hype around Ruby/Rails, Groovy, Python, and other dynamic scripting languages, I just turned up my nose and looked away. … Continue reading

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