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Building Git on Mac, with docs!

If you have built Git from source on Mac OS X you probably didn’t have much trouble. That is, unless you were trying to also build the documentation, in which case you probably ran into problems, right? I’m guessing it … Continue reading

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Newlines in sed on Mac

For whatever reason, this is harder than it should have been. All I wanted to do was replace a particular expression with a newline character (0×10). My preference is typically to script such tasks, and the sed command is the … Continue reading

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Cleaning up Ruby Gems on Mac OS X

This has come up a few times for me and searching the Internet failed to turn up any satisfying solutions. In particular, I wanted to update the Ruby Gems on my Mac and subsequently remove the old versions. I found … Continue reading

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Using OpenSolaris and ZFS with Time Machine

In earlier posts I described how to set up a file server using OpenSolaris and ZFS. This proved to be a very good choice, at least for me, and it made sense to make this file server be the destination … Continue reading

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Making netatalk discoverable in OpenSolaris

Previously I described how I had set up netatalk on my OpenSolaris storage server. That step went a long way to making it easy to use Time Machine to backup my Mac to the server. But having read kremalicious, I … Continue reading

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Time Machine and invalid sibling link, now what?

Last month I was playing around with the timedog script to determine where all the disk space was going on my Time Machine backups. I had mounted the remote disk image using hdiutil attach, when a few minutes later Time … Continue reading

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Building netatalk on OpenSolaris 2009.06

For a few months now, basically since the Drobo started supporting third party applications, I have been using my Drobo, via a DroboShare, as a Time Machine backup for my MacBook Pro. I used the BackMyFruitUp toolkit to set up … Continue reading

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Daemonizing memcached on Mac

As a follow-up to the previous entry on running Apache using the Mac OS X launchd service, here are the basic steps for daemonizing memcached, the distributed memory-sensitive cache. Start by installing libevent: ./configure, make, sudo make install Install memcached … Continue reading

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Starting Apache on Mac OS X

For the last year I’ve been using an ugly hack to have my custom compiled Apache started at bootup on my Mac OS X systems. Basically, and this is really bad, I would replace the /usr/sbin/httpd binary with a symbolic … Continue reading

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New Experiences

For the last 10 years, I’ve been programming in Java, and basically nothing else. Oh sure, I had written some Perl scripts and shell scripts, but just for very small tasks. My day-in-day-out work has been Java for a long … Continue reading

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