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Cleaning up Ruby Gems on Mac OS X

Moved to new blog: http://nlfiedler.github.io/2010/08/11/cleaning-up-ruby-gems-on-mac-os-x.html Advertisements

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Follow-up to Perl not for dummies

So if I were to write that bit of Perl code I posted about 3 days ago in Ruby (using the additional functionality provided by Rails), it would look like this: hash = Hash.from_xml(res.content)service_id = hash[‘service’][‘id’]hash[‘service’][‘activities’].each do |item| if item[‘name’] … Continue reading

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Perl is not for dummies, I’m living proof

Let’s start with the following (ugly) Perl code snippet. my $xs = new XML::Simple(ForceArray => 1, KeyAttr => [ ]);my $xml = $xs->XMLin($res->content);$service_id = $xml->{service}->[0]->{id}->[0]->{content};foreach my $item (@{$xml->{service}->[0]->{activities}->[0]->{activity}}) {if ($item->{name}->[0] eq $activity) { $activity_id = $item->{id}->[0]->{content}; last;}} Where to begin? … Continue reading

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Typo running in Glassfish

Using the instructions provided by Arun in his blog entry I was able to get the Typo blogging engine running in Glassfish v3 Preview. Initially I had tried to use JRuby 1.0.0RC2, but every time I tried to install the … Continue reading

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Why Ruby is so appealing (to me)

Having worked almost entirely with the NetBeans Platform for the last three years, I have grown accustom to certain limitations in the framework. And being written in Java, the constraints of the language have become second nature to me. Classes … Continue reading

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Ruby on Rails in Glassfish, getting easier

I recently read Arun’s blog entry on getting the Mephisto blog engine running inside Glassfish. It has gotten easier since about a month ago, when it was necessary to use GoldSpike to package the Rails app into a .war file … Continue reading

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Metamorphosis, from Java to Ruby

For 10 years I’ve been writing basically nothing but Java code, and for the most part Java tools. Looking at the hype around Ruby/Rails, Groovy, Python, and other dynamic scripting languages, I just turned up my nose and looked away. … Continue reading

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